What makes eTherapy effective?

Electric current does not descriminate any types or classes of parasite. It neutralizes them all!

Blood electrification neutralizes all known and unknown micro-adversaries. When the blood is freed from all forms of parasites, 2000+ neuropeptides return, among them is interferon which interferes the growth of cancer cells.

To put it simply, the normal potency and function of the immune system completely returns. And since the immune system knows exactly how to deal with reinfection, the human body could then concentrate on the healing.

During the whole exercise, the only thing you need to do is to make the detoxification process very efficient, i.e. removal of neutralized parasites through the liver and kidneys by taking in generous amounts of clean, ozonized water.

"I've been doing my eTherapy indefinitely for 2 hours daily... including the weekends. So far, things have been going great. Also, I've adopted intermittent fasting into my lifestyle since June 25. To date, I've lost 17 lbs and basically achieved my weight goal of 168 lbs a few weeks ago... I enjoy killing those micro-organisms. For the record, I haven't gotten sick in 2017." - W

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