Thanks for the info a Hard Copy of the book would be nice but understandable that no one would publish it. If the ebook is purchased can then it be printed?

Yes, high-resolution printing is allowed. You can also share it with the community afterwards.

And just like what the oldies at the local Department of Health of my country said, “We have no problem with your non-chemical stuffs, but you should be careful with your local detractors.”

"I've been doing my eTherapy indefinitely for 2 hours daily... including the weekends. So far, things have been going great. Also, I've adopted intermittent fasting into my lifestyle since June 25. To date, I've lost 17 lbs and basically achieved my weight goal of 168 lbs a few weeks ago... I enjoy killing those micro-organisms. For the record, I haven't gotten sick in 2017." - W

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