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Are you a Vaccine Heretic vs. Church of Big Pharma?

Big corporations are notoriously known to use branding as an effective tool of shutting down the debate and conscripted experts to dominate the conversation by exploiting “authoritative” views and opinions, which had nothing to do with real, evidence-based science.

Holistic Doctors Researching Autism Detected Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines, Assassinated

The trillion dollar medical industry is not about to give way to more humane healthcare treatments yet. A number of holistic doctors, one of whom was doing extensive research about the root causes of autism, were found murdered in Florida and other states.

Every Vaccine Produces Harm | Dr. Andrew Moulden

It was Dr. John Rengen Virapen who said that “the pharmaceutical industry do nothing but annihilate the population” of this world, a gross violation of the most basic tenet of all medical practice, i.e. first, do no harm. Yet, even the CDC website admits that among the common ingredients in all vaccines are: aluminum, mercury, […]

Pediatric Medicine: Vaccines, Medical Marijuana and the Measles

Pediatricians have a license to mistreat their young patients with vaccines and now support throwing parents of unvaccinated children in jail. Dr. Sircus A mountain of data has demonstrated that pediatricians are ogres who attack children with hostile substances like mercury in vaccines and antibiotics that cause problems without end. They are a most arrogant […]