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Chemicals Released in Harvey Flooding Remain a Mystery

Hurricane Harvey has caused massive chemicals spills in the Houston area, but the true scale of ecological emergency might never be truly estimated.

Cloud Seeding “to Help Initiate Shower & Storm” Preceded Hurricane Harvey

A stunning cloud seeding report, which supports the claims that Hurricane Harvey could be another of those engineered hurricanes, has surfaced. The supposed post-job report was issued by the Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association, Texas.

Surviving Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

Everything, from gas to food prices, went up after Hurricane Harvey left Texas devastated and flooded. “A gallon of gas may cost between five and 15 cents more in parts of the country, predicts Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service. Prices should fall back down by next week, but that […]

Strange Cloud Formations Suggest the Weather is Hacked

Captured by NASA satellites, these strange looking cloud formations can only mean one thing – our atmosphere is being hacked regularly, and only motivation is to support a globalwide campaign to impose all draconian measures under the “climate change” hoax mantra.