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Industrial GMO Food Threats & The Global Monsanto Take Down

The debate over GMO safety and risks stems from the fact that the definition is too generalized, or too ambiguous. The mainstream conversation about its pseudo-science always favors the corporations behind it. But mere scientific definition is not enough to circumvent the actual disastrous experience, i.e. those glaring facts about its negative effects outside the […]

US Congress Bans GMO Labeling Nationwide

Yet, Americans still believe they own their government; foolishly hoping that somehow, someday, these lawmakers would finally look at their interests, too, and institute reforms that favor them at last.

Monsanto Has Taken Over the USDA

David Swanson NationofChange / News Analysis   Clearly, an investigation of large-scale government corruption by this singularly destructive corporation is long overdue. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been taken over by an outside organization.  RootsAction has launched a campaign demanding a Congressional investigation. The organization is called Monsanto.

EXPOSED: The Fake Battle to Label GMO & Why You Fell For It

There is a fake battle to label GMO in order to confine the whole discussion at the confines of label and not the outright banning of the whole GMO industry which only profits the Corporations and gradually kills the people which is really its prime objective.