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Free Energy is Dawning: Oil Companies Moving Away from Fossil Fuels

When Russia published its nuclear fusion-fission hybrid technology last October 2014 [here], it was meant to tell the world that they, together with China, are ready to move away from fossil fuel based energy source.

Water Fuel Technologies are Real

In 1969, a compatriot Daniel Dingel approached the late Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos for the implementation of energy systems that run solely on tap water. The latter refused to give in to the plea due to the planned installation of a nuclear power plant. This nuclear plant was about to be switched on in 1986, […]

Fuel from Thin Air

Just a few years ago, the talk about free energy falls in the category of tin foil variety, but not anymore. Fuel from thin air? Graphene breakthrough may lead to green car revolution Published time: November 28, 2014 11:54 Edited time: November 29, 2014 17:0