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Ebola and Ozone Therapy

One of the treatments within the eTherapy protocol is the use of ozone for antiviral and detoxification purposes. Ozone suffocates all types of bacteria and viruses,  neutralizes harmful chemicals and oxidizes heavy metals upon contact.

Ebola Made by Pharma & DOD, Injected by UN – Dr. Broderick

Sources claim the virus was given to civilians through UN vaccine programmes with sinister aims The scientist who recently pointed to evidence that Ebola was created by pharmaceutical corporations at the highest echelons of power was backed up by another expert- who says the outbreak coincides exactly with UN vaccine campaigns in the region.

Ozone Therapy Can Cure Ebola

Here at eClinik, ozone therapy is just one part of the whole eTherapy protocol as described on our homepage. But even with this one treatment alone, a decisive method to cure Ebola is found. This is what one doctor has found as he announced the first case of cured patient from the dreaded Ebola viral […]

Will There Be An Ebola Outbreak in America?

Posted: 10/12/2014 1:59:01 PM by Barbara Loe Fisher In the Digital Age, infectious disease outbreaks like Ebola 1 are brought into our lives through our smart phones, tablets and laptops and we can easily access and quickly analyze the information we receive. As Americans get smarter and more savvy about how to sort through the […]