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Dr. Herndon Sustains Coal Fly Ash-Chemtrail Findings, Condemns Censorship

The high-profiled mainstream scientist who decided that it is time to let the people know the whole truth about those abstract paintings we see from time to time in our skies for the last few decades, i.e. chemtrails,  is now protesting the unceremonious retraction by the publisher editors of his groundbreaking research paper.

Chemtrail: A Social & Geo-Engineering in One, Gov’t Funded, UN Sanctioned

Deliberately blanketing the skies with nanosized heavy metals achieves at least two complementary goals, i.e. weather manipulation and make people brain dead. Weather manipulation itself has two main objectives: To simulate “climate change” that will be used to institute “sustainable development” agenda on a global scale previously branded as Agenda 21, now updated to Agenda […]

Italians Stage Impressive Anti-Geoengineering Protest

The issue about the deliberate use of toxic, carcinogenic chemicals associated with chemtrails and geoengineering in general,  is beginning to hit mainstream. We must sustain all efforts in spreading the facts. There will be a worldwide protest against geoengineering and chemtrail attacks on April 15th. But the Italians could’t wait any longer…

What Chemtrails are Doing To Your Brain are Shocking – Neurosurgeon

The article about a chemtrail pilot finally blowing the whistle about the previously unknown operation called “OPERATION: INDIGO SKYFOLD” has created quite a stir online to the point that it has literally shut down our system.

Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Lid Off OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD

Update 2Jan2016:  In confirmation to the Indigo Skyfold pilot’s testimony that is the main subject of this article, another US Air Force personnel has thrown herself into the battle against chemtrail and global geo-engineering operations.

Virginia’s Eugenics Victims Get $25k Restitution Payments

The Eugenics Program of the Western Oligarch is the reason for the explosion of AIDS and other cancers, and the flooding of worthless GMO foods in the market, and the deliberate carcinogenic spraying of our skies.