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Healing Lung & Blood System Damage from Air Pollution with DIY Protocol

Air pollution can be progressively fatal. Getting rid of pollutants should be done on a daily basis. Otherwise, the minute particles found in car fumes may build up and damage the respiratory and circulatory systems, risking pedestrians to heart attack or a stroke.

Amazing Cancer Therapy Wipes Out Prostate and Bone Cancer

Vernon Johnson mixing sodium bicarbonate with molasses The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in our body. Chronic over-acidity corrodes body tissue, and if left unchecked will interrupt all cellular activities and functions. In other words, over-acidity interferes with life itself. It is at the root of cancer.

Treating Cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate – Good Idea or Not?

Bicarbonate is an essential nutrient and our stomachs, pancreas and kidneys often have to struggle to produce enough—especially as we get older. Good question would be, is it a good idea for cancer patients to help these essential organs?

When you catch a cold, here’s how to strike it out.. quickly!

You were working all day and when you arrived home, you began to notice, something’s not right. Your throat feels scratchy, head a bit dizzy, and just when you are about to figure it out, you have begun sneezing. You just catch a cold.

Baking Soda – True Enemy of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Previously, we posted this article acknowledging the bravery of one doctor who for 35 years worked in “an industry that sought to annihilate the population of the world.” Dr. John Rengen Virapen’s statement should be an eye opener to everyone who is still worshiping Modern Medicine which, even with its arrogance in upholding their so-called […]

Baking Soda Reduces Kidney Damage from Nuke Radiation

One of the most powerful anti-radiation agent can be purchased anywhere and at a very low price. No home should be without it. Treatments for Nuclear Contamination Posted by Dr Sircus on March 13, 2011 Iodine – Glutathione – Natural Chelation – Clay – Baking Soda It is too early to call everyone in North […]