Circumcision is one of those invasive medical exercises that has nothing to do with improving the health of a child, nor will it give any medical advantage or enhances sexual performance and pleasure to the victim.

To the medical community, the foreskin is just another one of those useless body parts that needed to be removed.

Circumcision emanates from religion that’s full of contradiction in itself, i.e. why would man tamper God’s design if He is indeed perfect and all-knowing?

The whole system is founded on Lies that when held together just don’t add up. It’s time people should stop worshiping Evil men in White Robes.

It’s pure madness what they ‘re  doing!

Circumcision has done me no favors!

by Vincent Coletta

Circumcision has done me no favors! I love when my wife and I partake in one of the most intimate and beautiful experiences in life, but for me it can be a very dark experience on occasion because part of my body was altered against my will. Without the mechanical lubrication provided by a foreskin, I have to use an artificial lubricant or sex would be too painful for my wife and me.

Climax is not the same for me as it is for my wife or for Natural (Intact) males. They describe orgasm as a wave all over the body, while a mutilated male (circumcised) expresses it as a singular explosion (bordering on pain) from the penis. Imagine not wanting your wife to touch you as you lay crying on your back from shame and pain due to sores caused by abrasion and/or at times a complete and total loss of erection and feeling.

The foreskin contains 20,000 fine touch nerves (like in your fingers) and provides protection of the glans (head) keeping it soft and sponge like, all in an effort to ensure everything works properly. My parent’s chose this painful and unsatisfactory sex life for me and my wife and I simply cannot fathom why. I would never have chosen to have my foreskin removed.

Only 1/16,667 intact males will have a problem with their foreskin, 99% of which can easily be treated without surgery. One hundred and seventeen babies die from circumcision a year in the US, which equates to 9/100,000 babies that die each year from a cosmetic surgery.

Men have lost their penis, glans, and suffered from deformity caused by the operation performed when they were infants. It isn’t right that these children pay the price for a decision that their parents made, a decision that should be left up to the owner of the penis. Even those who survive still have problems like mine, though they are seldom discussed.

Elephant in the Hospital…

Learn how sex is supposed to work.

How to properly care for a natural Penis.…/basic-care-of-intact-child.html

They didn’t tell you the functions of the foreskin, but they did lie to you and said it had health benefits. Did they also tell you it pays for their house, their cars, and their children’s college? It is illegal to sell an organ taken from a patient but they still do it.

Foreskin for sale: $155/500µg = $310,000/g = $8,788,345/oz.

My numbers and claims are supported by these studies:

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All the statements made by medical organizations about circumcision, and they are cited.

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Breast cancer kills more men than anything related to the foreskin.

American Cancer society says Circumcision does nothing to affect cancer rates.

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Circumcised men have a 450% greater chance of ED…/does-circumcision…

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Boy wants to be a girl after botched circumcision. There are many cases like this however they usually occur in infants who cannot express themselves in words.

Cost benefit analysis of circumcision.

US Navy Study that shows circumcision has no effect on HIV or STI infection rates.

Circumcision is PAINFUL!

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Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital

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Within minutes, three feet of veins, arteries and capillaries, 240 feet of nerves and more than 20,000 nerve endings are destroyed; so are all the muscles, glands, epithelial tissue and sexual sensitivity associated with the foreskin. Finally, what nature intended as an internal organ is irrevocably externalized… Fran P. Hosken

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