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India Solves its Drought Problem with Common Sense

Massive drought is now plaguing Asia, and governments are having a hard time mitigating the problem.

Can We Create New Senses?

It appears we can do just that with the right application of the right technology.

Blood Electrifier Successful Replication by Mike Finley

Back in March 2014, Mike Finley of Illinois informed me about his successful replication of the blood electrifier using the instructions from our eBook. Prior to his final testing, we had a very healthy conversation which should help anyone contemplating to do the same. The video will be uploaded soon. In the meantime, here are […]

This Family Of Four Lives Off The Grid In the Desert

Living off the grid has its own challenges, but the rewards are far more exciting. We don’t have to force ourselves eating GMO or non-organic products, pay for energy and water bills. Don’t have to deal with urban noise and air pollutions, etc. Best of all, we can easily do what we need to do […]

Water Fuel Technologies are Real

In 1969, a compatriot Daniel Dingel approached the late Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos for the implementation of energy systems that run solely on tap water. The latter refused to give in to the plea due to the planned installation of a nuclear power plant. This nuclear plant was about to be switched on in 1986, […]

Accelerated Open Wound Healing is Now Possible

Accelerated wound healing is just one of the benefits of having a blood free from all types of parasites. You can cleanse your blood from all those parasites by following the eTherapy protocol described at our homepage. Two days ago, a very interesting article describing a different approach came out of RT…

Ozone Therapy Can Cure Ebola

Here at eClinik, ozone therapy is just one part of the whole eTherapy protocol as described on our homepage. But even with this one treatment alone, a decisive method to cure Ebola is found. This is what one doctor has found as he announced the first case of cured patient from the dreaded Ebola viral […]

How to Make Cannabis Oil

What is Cannabis oil? Concentrated cannabis oils are named due to their viscous, oily, and sticky appearance.  They have been made famous by claims of the effectiveness of cannabinoids such as CBD in the treatment of cancer patients.  These oils are frequently used in edibles, topicals, vaporizers, and as a stand alone treatment.  The oil […]

63 Year Old Says Cannabis Oil Cured His Cancer

By Christina Sarich A 63-year-old grandpa and retired builder from Hastings, East Sussex, England, says he cured himself of liver cancer by taking home-made cannabis oil. He received a liver transplant when he was diagnosed in 2009, but the disease returned in 2012, attacking the new organ he had undergone surgery to receive. His search […]