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Recyclable Fuel, Water, Air for Deep Space Travel

Space travel has been made possible 70 years ago behind the cloak of World War 2, under the auspices of the Vatican through the Nazis. No one should believe that the Church is not interested in the profound discoveries of one Nikola Tesla. In fact, Science is what gave them the edge against the early […]

‘Chip Party’: US Company celebrates implanting microchips in employees

No, it’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. A US company has just thrown a party celebrating the microchipping of 50% of its employees. This marketing gimmick is meant to normalize microchipping of all citizens on the planet, for easier surveillance monitoring and societal control.

Digital Heroin: Screens Are Turning Kids into Junkies

Are iPads, smartphones and Xboxes a form of digital drug? Recent brain imaging research is showing that they affect the brain’s frontal cortex exactly like cocaine.

Russian & Swedish Scientists Slow Down Mice Aging

A new experiment conducted by a joint team of Russian and Swedish scientists has produced groundbreaking results in slowing down the ageing process of mice, raising hopes of the potential creation of an “anti-age” drug.

What Happens When there’s Easy Access to Resources? | The Shenzhen Experience

There is an ongoing debate on the merits of capitalism and socialism. It has been strongly argued that Socialism breeds dependency and unproductive citizenry.

The Monsanto Equalizer: Patented BioTechnology Renders All Chemical Pesticides Obsolete

Most biotech companies, especially Monsanto have engaged themselves in the wanton tampering of Nature’s way of doing things for decades, the destructive effects of which are just beginning to be appreciated by the mainstream population. Their motivation has always been about making bigger profits than the last one.  

Environmental Pollution Can Be Eliminated by Tuning Radio Transmitters to the Right Frequency

There are existing technologies that can clean the air from all types of pollution which do not need a summit of worthless political leaders that are just aiming for more rules by legislation to further their globalist agenda.

Newly Discovered Protein ‘Turbo-Charges’ Immune System to Kill All Cancers

In what some are calling a “game-changer” in cancer treatment, scientists at Imperial College in London have discovered a “turbo-charging” protein that boosts the immune system enough to fight off chronic illnesses – and the ability for them to come back.

Sound Waves Can Put Out Fire

Fire alarms ring loud enough to awake us from our sleep when fires occur. What if instead of that annoying ear piercing sound, another frequency is used and not as loud so that fire is put out at its earliest stage possible?

World’s First Hydrogen Powered Tram Developed in China

The technology to use water as fuel is as old as the steam engine in conjunction with the discovery of electricity itself. But it’s sad when people seem to just laugh about it. If they only realize that with the same volume, water has far more energy than gasoline and all other conventional fuels combine… […]