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Americans Die Younger Despite Spending the Most on Health Care

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which supposedly promotes policies to improve social and economic well-being, is puzzled by the fact that despite the high amount being spent on healthcare, the Americans are still dying younger by the day.

Over 110,000 Britons Unable to Receive Palliative Care Due to Funding Issues

About 118,000 British commoners are reportedly unable to receive end of life care because the hospices face lack of funds, local media reported Wednesday.

How Big Pharma’s Industrial Waste is Fueling the Rise in Superbugs Worldwide

Pharmaceutical companies are fueling the rise of superbugs by manufacturing drugs in factories that leak industrial waste, says a new report (Drug Resistance through the Back Door – How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Fuelling the Rise of Superbugs through Pollution in its Supply Chains) which calls on them to radically improve their supply chains.

Climate’s Sensitivity to Carbon Dioxide is Much Lower than Was Thought

Climate change, or its predecessor global warming, is based on the false application of climate models which resulted to the over-estimation of future global warming temperatures by “as much as 10 times,” thus is the conclusion reached from a mathematical discovery by one Pert-based electrical engineer, Dr. David Evans.

100,000 Pages of Chemical Industry Secrets Gathered Dust in Oregon for Decades, Until Now

Some of the more than 100,000 pages of discovery material related to the chemical industry that were stored in Carol Van Strum’s barn in rural Oregon. Photo: Risa Scott/RF Scott Imagery

For decades, some of the dirtiest, darkest secrets of the chemical industry have been kept in Carol Van Strum’s barn. Creaky, damp, and prowled by the occasional black bear, the listing, 80-year-old structure in rural Oregon housed more than 100,000 pages of documents obtained through legal discovery in lawsuits against Dow, Monsanto, the Environmental Protection […]

Avoid these Medical Treatments Whenever Possible

In 2008, U.S. health care expenditures continued to skyrocket, growing at an annual rate of 4.4 percent for the year, slower than some recent years, yet still outpacing inflation and the growth of national income.

Have You Ever Thought What Antibiotic Really Means?

The modern approach to medicine is one of needless complexity, and deliberate suppression of the long proven protocols that worked! The terms used today are much harder to understand than in the days of old, or has assumed different meanings. Or, so we thought.

A Deadly Fairy Tale: The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex

Some people associate complexity of procedures to superiority of methods. The medical industry, which has subordinated itself to the chemical industry, along with the regulating agencies of government, is using complicated methods which have nothing to do with real healthcare whatsoever.

1 Ton of Plastic Produced For Every Person on Planet, Scientists Reveal

US scientists estimate a total of 8.3 billion tons (metric) of plastic have been produced over the course of history, enough to cover a country the size of Argentina, and a ton of plastic for every person on the planet.

How Statins Cause Heart Problems

In the past, some MDs have proposed that statin drugs should be put into our water supplies and handed out to fast food customers. As if fluoridated water posing as a necessary mass medicine that turns out to be toxic isn’t enough.