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Russia Aims to Flood Global Market with Non-GMO Wheat

Not all governments are consenting to the Eugenicists’ idea of feeding the world with genetically modified food sources to induce infertility, or weaken our autoimmune system to accelerate aging, all parts of an elaborate effort to thin the herd about 90% of the existing population.

Glyphosate & GMO Peddler Monsanto Sees 28.7% Profit Jump

The global corporate pest under the brand name Monsanto is raking “better-than-expected second quarter earnings, helped by strong demand for its soybean and corn seeds.”

We Don’t Need GMO Food, Here are the Scientific Reasons Why…

GMO food marketers have flooded our established institutions with false claims and justification for the “developing world to go GMO,” or die, due to “climate change.”

GMO labeling law is ‘fake’, would not ‘truly’ expose engineered food | RT

A new controversial GMO labeling law signed by President Barack Obama would strip US consumers of their right to learn about genetically engineered products as nothing would be labeled, experts told RT.

Industrial GMO Food Threats & The Global Monsanto Take Down

The debate over GMO safety and risks stems from the fact that the definition is too generalized, or too ambiguous. The mainstream conversation about its pseudo-science always favors the corporations behind it. But mere scientific definition is not enough to circumvent the actual disastrous experience, i.e. those glaring facts about its negative effects outside the […]

US Congress Bans GMO Labeling Nationwide

Yet, Americans still believe they own their government; foolishly hoping that somehow, someday, these lawmakers would finally look at their interests, too, and institute reforms that favor them at last.

Record US Farmers Switching to Non-GMO Crops in 2015

“Non-GMO is More Profitable.” This is the rising sentiment among farmers of the US as a confluence of factors urges them to become pro-organic. From falling GMO grain prices to a rising tide of public distrust of genetically modified ingredients, failing GMO traits, higher GMO seed prices, and the premium prices that people willingly pay […]

EXPOSED: The Fake Battle to Label GMO & Why You Fell For It

There is a fake battle to label GMO in order to confine the whole discussion at the confines of label and not the outright banning of the whole GMO industry which only profits the Corporations and gradually kills the people which is really its prime objective.

Russia Has Officially Banned GMO Products

First, it was China which avoid renewing license for GMO experiment on their soil. Now, it’s Russia’s turn to make official the banning of all GMO products in their motherland.