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Blood Electrifier Successful Replication by Mike Finley

Back in March 2014, Mike Finley of Illinois informed me about his successful replication of the blood electrifier using the instructions from our eBook. Prior to his final testing, we had a very healthy conversation which should help anyone contemplating to do the same. The video will be uploaded soon. In the meantime, here are […]


We will post on this page all errors relating to our publications. Towards Healthcare Emancipation 2.x These are the discrepancies of the text compared to the diagram they refer to. Although they may not be catastrophic, but they certainly would cause confusion for some. Version 2.0 to 2.3: Correction for Step 7: The instruction… Connect […]

Exceptional Advantages & Benefits

The primary technology and method described in our eBook are patented to work as claimed. We have also verified the same and we find them very effective for all types of diseases even to those classified as incurables, e.g. hepatitis, vasculitis, leukemia, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, hypertension… The eTreatments are uncompromisingly very effective and the recovery […]

Patented, Tested & Easy as 1-2-3!

Practical and doable solutions, that’s the awesome qualities of the technologies presented in this groundbreaking book. However, those same qualities are the reason why the would be reader, conditioned with the “complicated approach must be good” mindset, is skeptical at first.Getting past the conventional assumptions, and really implementing the protocol erases all doubt forever. We […]

Book Reviews

The reviews just keep on coming… Dear Ed, I already read 125 pages the first night after I discovered your book. You saved me a lot of work! It is the type of book I wanted to write, so thanks for saving me the trouble. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago […]

More Topics & Expanded Chapters

In this edition, we have expanded most of the chapters with more topics and included a whole new chapter!

More Illustrations & Diagrams

Those who have downloaded the 1st edition were all praises. But even then, we decided to push it even better, this time with more than a hundred illustrations and diagrams! With only one goal in mind, i.e. to encourage the non-techie to assemble the gadgets, we made the diagrams as non-technical as possible. Not only […]

Support Us

We are an independent researcher and developer of useful technologies that may help everyone in the area of free energy. It is our desire to write an instructional eBook for translating highly technical discussions pertaining to the subject, so that it can be made available without restrictions and limitations of its productive use. As such, […]