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Why does our body’s pH matters?

Parasites prefer acidic environment. They replicate faster when our pH falls below 7.41 for the blood. In fact, all cancer patients are grossly acidic and the continued use of chemotherapy may not be in their best interest.

Empirically, there’s a reason why we vomit when we have too much liquor the night before, especially with an empty stomach. That is acidity shooting up to the point that the whole system just can’t take it anymore.

So, why should we take substances that the body itself refuses to accept?

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11 Ways to Detoxify Your Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System is our body’s proactive waste disposal system. Proactive because it is in the lymph nodes where parasites are being brought and actively neutralized.

It is imperative that the whole system must be cleansed regularly for efficient operation.

We recommend the use of ozonized water for detoxification. However, there are other methods that could complement ozonization for its optimal performance.

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The Red Cross Scam

The Red Cross is a disaster ‘racket’ in the business of making money from people’s misery, especially with totally engineered disasters such as 9/11.

So-called ‘charities’  are nothing more than a means of extracting even more money from the masses to swell the already overflowing coffers of the mega-rich. 
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Accelerated Open Wound Healing is Now Possible

Accelerated wound healing is just one of the benefits of having a blood free from all types of parasites. You can cleanse your blood from all those parasites by following the eTherapy protocol described at our homepage.

Two days ago, a very interesting article describing a different approach came out of RT…

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Ozone Therapy Can Cure Ebola

Here at eClinik, ozone therapy is just one part of the whole eTherapy protocol as described on our homepage.

But even with this one treatment alone, a decisive method to cure Ebola is found.

This is what one doctor has found as he announced the first case of cured patient from the dreaded Ebola viral infection.

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How to Make Cannabis Oil

What is Cannabis oil?
Concentrated cannabis oils are named due to their viscous, oily, and sticky appearance.  They have been made famous by claims of the effectiveness of cannabinoids such as CBD in the treatment of cancer patients.  These oils are frequently used in edibles, topicals, vaporizers, and as a stand alone treatment.  The oil extraction helps pull out cannabiniods, as well as other healthy molecules such as terpenes in a highly concentrated form that can then be used by patients. 
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63 Year Old Says Cannabis Oil Cured His Cancer

By Christina Sarich
A 63-year-old grandpa and retired builder from Hastings, East Sussex, England, says he cured himself of liver cancer by taking home-made cannabis oil. He received a liver transplant when he was diagnosed in 2009, but the disease returned in 2012, attacking the new organ he had undergone surgery to receive. His search for an alternative cure was led by desperation, but he is cancer-free today from his cannabis solution. Read more to find out how.
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EXPOSED: The Fake Battle to Label GMO & Why You Fell For It

There is a fake battle to label GMO in order to confine the whole discussion at the confines of label and not the outright banning of the whole GMO industry which only profits the Corporations and gradually kills the people which is really its prime objective.

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