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TB Vaccine Proved Bad for Primates Yet Safe for 1500 Babies?

A stunning leak from Oxford University revealed that a trial TB vaccine was tested on hundreds of babies even when it was not found to be safe for primates.

Finnish Scientists Discover Method for Making Fresh Food Out of Thin Air

After the Russians announced that they have the technology of producing any material out of thin air and in industrial volumes using biochemical method of transmutation, now comes these scientists from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), who succeeded in creating a protein powder out of carbon dioxide and […]

Nearly 50% of Unemployed Americans are Taking Opioids | Princeton researcher

In “Where have all the workers gone? An inquiry into the decline of the U.S. labor force participation rate” (PDF), Princeton University’s Alan Krueger examines the labor force implications of the opioid epidemic on a local and national level, and the study found out that: 

Nexrad Doppler Radars and Cooling Towers are altering the Weather, Too

We’ve already explained how the HAARP and mobile radar platforms are capable of altering the weather to produce storms and hurricanes wherever the operators need them to be. In fact, the superpower countries have also bind themselves into the UN treaty against weather warfare, a long time ago.

Cloud Seeding “to Help Initiate Shower & Storm” Preceded Hurricane Harvey

A stunning cloud seeding report, which supports the claims that Hurricane Harvey could be another of those engineered hurricanes, has surfaced. The supposed post-job report was issued by the Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association, Texas.

Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines

Dr. Peter Doshi is pushing the boundaries of medical activism and is demanding for corporate transparency on medical products like vaccines and painkillers. “Together with a band of far-flung researchers and activists, he is trying to unearth data from clinical trials — complex studies that last for years and often involve thousands of patients across […]

Surviving Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

Everything, from gas to food prices, went up after Hurricane Harvey left Texas devastated and flooded. “A gallon of gas may cost between five and 15 cents more in parts of the country, predicts Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service. Prices should fall back down by next week, but that […]

German nurse suspected of killing at least 90 in bizarre game to test his skills

A German nurse jailed two years ago for the murder of two patients in his care is suspected of involvement in at least 90 murders, according to police. Niels Hoegel admitted in 2015 to deliberately endangering patients’ lives in so he could try to revive them.

Aetna Publishes Hundreds of Customers’ HIV Status Via Envelope Window

The American health insurance company Aetna has landed in hot water after it revealed the HIV status of roughly 12,000 of its customers when sensitive information was mailed out in an incorrect envelope. The letters, stamped July 28, were sent out to inform clients of a change in pharmacy benefits; however, the HIPPA-guarded information was […]

Strange Cloud Formations Suggest the Weather is Hacked

Captured by NASA satellites, these strange looking cloud formations can only mean one thing – our atmosphere is being hacked regularly, and only motivation is to support a globalwide campaign to impose all draconian measures under the “climate change” hoax mantra.