Antibiotic Resistance: The End of Modern Medicine

We have always said that manmade chemicals acting like pesticides are not the solution to any parasitic infection. They only mask the symptoms only to manifest later with more severity.

Post-AntiBiotic Era is Here: Bacteria that are Resistant to All Antibiotics Discovered

The history of medicine is like a roller-coaster ride. First, they used herbs. Then they discovered electrotherapy. Having fully appreciated the full potential of electrotherapy in eliminating ailments at its root cause, they resorted to chemical drugs of the medieval period due to its low production cost and its effectiveness in masking the symptoms that […]

How Big Pharma’s Industrial Waste is Fueling the Rise in Superbugs Worldwide

Pharmaceutical companies are fueling the rise of superbugs by manufacturing drugs in factories that leak industrial waste, says a new report (Drug Resistance through the Back Door – How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Fuelling the Rise of Superbugs through Pollution in its Supply Chains) which calls on them to radically improve their supply chains.

Monsanto’s Activities Tantamount to Human Rights Violations & Ecocide | Monsanto Tribunal

The Monsanto Tribunal is an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations and ecocide. Eminent judges heard testimonies from victims and experts. Then, they delivered a legal opinion following procedures of the International Court of Justice (on April 18th 2017, The Hague).

Superbugs Render Drugs Obsolete; How to Prepare for the Next Pandemic

A very strong case is being forwarded against the continued use of chemical drugs to fight against bacteria that have evolved into superbugs or antibiotic resistant bacteria. Both, the US Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, have considered antibiotic resistance a global threat and the next pandemic.

Superbugs Go Airborne, Triggering Fears of Global Epidemic

Antibiotic-resistant genes, that evolved in the crowded atmosphere of Texas commercial cattle ranches, have gone airborne and are now capable of “travelling for long distances.”

Mainstream Medicine Doesn’t Cure, said Doctors

We’ve been saying these things all  the time… Conventional Medicine doesn’t work, is dangerous and deadly, needlessly costly and outright useless!

Towards Healthcare Emancipation

Are we really helpless? Are you tired of watching the constant barrage of men in yellow suits transporting “Ebola” carriers from Africa? Due to our relative ignorance about our body’s basic internal operations, we are left without any option other than to seek “professional help” at the slightest symptoms of a disease. The discussion about […]

Stupid Medicine Gets Cash Infusion for Anti-Superbug R&D

After years of “superbug” scare mongering, a “major global partnership has announced an injection of cash for researchers seeking to develop the first new class of antibiotics in more than three decades as well as other ways to defeat deadly antibiotic-resistant superbugs.”

Spread of Multi-resistant Bacteria Spells Doom | WHO

Multi-resistant bacteria have become one of the most serious threats to modern healthcare, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated. All modern, advanced medical care has been based on antibiotics, but now even this drastic medicine has become increasingly unusable.