Month: June 2017

Are you a Vaccine Heretic vs. Church of Big Pharma?

Big corporations are notoriously known to use branding as an effective tool of shutting down the debate and conscripted experts to dominate the conversation by exploiting “authoritative” views and opinions, which had nothing to do with real, evidence-based science.

Digital Heroin: Screens Are Turning Kids into Junkies

Are iPads, smartphones and Xboxes a form of digital drug? Recent brain imaging research is showing that they affect the brain’s frontal cortex exactly like cocaine.

Here’s the Proof Flu Virus Was Deliberately Weaponized for Widest Transmission

This planet has already achieved a delicate balance between all species, long before we arrived. But the self-deluded geniuses wanted more excitement to the show. There is a conspiracy to spread the flu virus at the widest coverage possible, and it’s not just a theory.

Italian Parents Face Fine and Separation from their Own Unvaccinated Children

More and more countries have implemented what may be one of the most draconian policies being pressed hard upon, during the last Bilderberg meeting, i.e. mandatory vaccinations.

16 Million Americans Think Brown Cows Directly Produce Chocolate Milk

The true sad state of the American mind has been revealed in the latest Innovation Center of US Dairy survey, which suggest that more than 48% of Americans aren’t sure where chocolate milk comes from, and 7% are convinced it comes from brown cows!

Australian Goverment Forces its Will by Prosecuting Anti-Vax Nurses & Midwives

Let’s face it, we have government officials and so called “public servants” whose entire career is funded and controlled by the medical cartel, which in turn is just one part of the Pyramid of Cartels that is throwing all its weight against any corporate government, and corporate governments exist solely for controlling the behavior of […]

Top 10 Ways Humanity is Being Murdered

Of all the threats to humanity today, none is more destructive than modern-day “evidence-based science.” And by the word “science,” I don’t mean the humble pursuit of knowledge using genuine scientific methods. What I mean is the dogmatic, corporate-driven brand of distorted science based on falsified evidence, bribery of gatekeepers and corruption of government regulators.

You’ll Look Sweeter without Sugar

Yes, darling. Sugar may be sweet, but it is killing you every step of the way. And when done so excessively, high sugar consumption may alter your genes, and will continue to wreak havoc even when the diet has been corrected.

Monsanto’s Activities Tantamount to Human Rights Violations & Ecocide | Monsanto Tribunal

The Monsanto Tribunal is an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations and ecocide. Eminent judges heard testimonies from victims and experts. Then, they delivered a legal opinion following procedures of the International Court of Justice (on April 18th 2017, The Hague).