Month: February 2017

Why You Should Refuse Chemotherapy

There must be a very compelling reason why a bag of chemotherapy must be handled with gloves.

Average Life Expectancy to Rise Globally by 2030, Not for US

According to research conducted jointly by Imperial College London and the World Health Organization, life expectancy in South Korea by the year 2030 will be 84.1 years for men, and over 90 years for women, a level that was considered unattainable only two decades ago.

Injecting Old Mice with Blood of Teenage Humans Reverses Aging – Study

Injecting blood from young people into old mice improves the mice’s brain power and leads to increased physical activity, according to new research. The finding could lead to breakthroughs for people suffering from degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Russian & Swedish Scientists Slow Down Mice Aging

A new experiment conducted by a joint team of Russian and Swedish scientists has produced groundbreaking results in slowing down the ageing process of mice, raising hopes of the potential creation of an “anti-age” drug.

Will Kennedy & De Niro Defeat the Vaccine Industry with Indirect Offensives?

A few days ago, both Robert de Niro and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a high-profile anti-mercury in vaccine offensive by offering $100,000 reward to any doctor who can prove that the mercury level in vaccines is safe. 

Treating Cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate – Good Idea or Not?

Bicarbonate is an essential nutrient and our stomachs, pancreas and kidneys often have to struggle to produce enough—especially as we get older. Good question would be, is it a good idea for cancer patients to help these essential organs?

India Shuts Down Gates Foundation Program Over Ties to Big Pharma

The Secretariat of India’s highest advisory body on immunization, NTAGI, has been transitioned to the fully government-funded National Institute of Family Health and Welfare (NIFHW), by order of the Centre.

3.7 Million Britons in Waiting for Hospital Treatment

England has shown a 163-percent increase in a number of people waiting for hospital treatment longer than 18 weeks stipulated by the National Health System (NHS) regulations compared with the figures of 2012, local media reported Sunday.

U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind The Global Warming Scare

This recent revelation seems to be another diversion, but at the very least, this UN official is confirming one aspect of the global warming hoax, i.e. it’s not about saving the environment. But to say that they’re going to use it to destroy capitalism, is something that we have to require more evidence of.