Month: January 2017

Watch Who’s the Real Boss in Freedomland America

When those living in the so-called Third World countries look for a greener pasture they would invoke the word “America” like a nice chorus. But is it really all about freedom and the pursuit of happiness out there?

Pharma Skeletons: Martin Shkreli Doses Drug Companies with Their Own Medicine

Martin Shkreli, former CEO of several pharmaceutical companies, who had earned himself the title of the “most hated man in America,” has set up a website to reveal the dirty deeds of other pharmaceutical companies.

Humans Are Undeniably Made Up Of Cosmic Dust | Study

New research has confirmed what scientists have been saying for years: humans are undeniably made of stardust.

Magic Mushroom Chemical Psilocybin Could Be Key to Treating Depression – Studies

Immediate reduction in depression and anxiety for up to eight months seen in patients with advanced cancer given a single dose of psilocybin.

CDC “Spider” Scientists Attack the CDC, Blow The Lid Off

There is a group of anonymous scientists at the US Center for Disease Control—they call themselves the Spider Group—Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research. They have penned a letter to the CDC’s chief of staff, Carmen S. Villar.

Poison Fruit: Dow Chemical Wants Farmers to Keep Using Pesticide Linked to Autism & ADHD

On Mondays, Magda and Amilcar Galindo take their daughter Eva to self-defense class. Eva is 12 but her trusting smile and arching pigtails make her look younger. Diagnosed with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, Eva doesn’t learn or behave like the typical 12-year-old.

US Responsibility for the Flood of Heroin in the World

The Philippine government is now fighting the drug menace with full resolve, under the no-nonsense leadership of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the incumbent president of the republic. Within the short span of 6 months, he was able to:

Six Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress | Harvard Health

We all face stressful situations throughout our lives, ranging from minor annoyances like traffic jams to more serious worries, such as a loved one’s grave illness. No matter what the cause of these stresses, we can mitigate their effects with this 6 simple techniques.

U.S. Healthcare: Most Expensive, Least Effective System in the World. Here’s the fix…

News of the abhorrent U.S. healthcare system already circulates regularly – we rank dead last when compared to ten other countries who spend less on the health of their people. A drug sold in Switzerland costs five times less than the same drug sold in the states.

Chili Pepper An Effective Weapon Against Cancer | German Scientists

Recent research conducted by German scientists has revealed that the active component in chilies, capsaicin, can cause cancer cells to self-destruct.