Month: March 2016

VAXXED OUT: Robert De Niro Chikened Out from Vaccine-Autism Documentary

Actor Robert De Niro initially expressed full intention to screen “VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe” vaccine-autism documentary, at his Tribeca Film Fest. He said he has particular interest on the subject as he and his wife have an autistic child. Just when we all thought that he has his principled image intact, he backed out […]

Free Energy is Dawning: Oil Companies Moving Away from Fossil Fuels

When Russia published its nuclear fusion-fission hybrid technology last October 2014 [here], it was meant to tell the world that they, together with China, are ready to move away from fossil fuel based energy source.

Every Cancer Can be Cured, Says Dr. Leonard Coldwell

We embrace this view since the day we have cured ourselves with simple low-voltage electric current. There are other simple “kitchen protocols” of course that one could try to and they’re a lot better than chemotherapy and other manmade antibiotics that are known to have fatality rates greater than 95%, doctors are not even using […]

A Secret Electronic War is Now Being Waged Against We The People

There’s a buzz in the air and it ends up residing inside your head. How often lately have you noticed a ringing in your ears that just won’t seem to go away?

When Plutocrats Own the Weather & Nobody is Buying the “Climate Change” Hoax Anymore

There are at least two notable human pursuits that have endured across the ages, i.e. physical immortality and the ability to tame nature. The hunt for the fountain of youth and the ability to please and summon the gods to alter the weather so that rain may fall and crops may grow, have encouraged barbaric […]

It’s Confirmed, Clinton is Suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease

If Clinton has forgotten about one of her most prominent healthcare supporters in Sen. Sanders, how much more those regular citizens of the United States who are now cheering for her? Will she still remembers them once she sits in the White House?

Chemical Companies Hiding Toxic Evidence Under “Trade Secret” Clause

Chemical companies are hiding toxic evidence under “trade secret” clause, as much as government suppresses exotic technologies under “national security” justification.

Don’t ever do this to your precious child

Or, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Parents always do what’s best for their child based on the information at hand. Conversely, children are prohibited to make decisions for themselves based on the assumption that they don’t have adequate knowledge to do so.

Depopulation Agenda is the Only Explanation why Expensive Mainstream Medicine is Lethal

When anybody doing a research on the multiple attacks against the human body, be it through our drinking water, supposedly breathable air, or even within the pseudo healthcare medical industry itself, the answers would then lead us to our initial conclusion that this is only about capitalism, or economics in general, i.e.: