Month: January 2016

Who’s behind the Zika Virus Outbreak & fear mongering?

They’ve been through A with AIDS, C with cancer, D with diabetes, E with Ebola, H1N1, superbugs, etc. Now, they are down to Z with Zika virus.

Three Most Fundamental Mainstream Healthcare Problems & How to Defeat Them

There are many of those who have recognized that drugs are too expensive, grossly ineffective and outright fraught with dangers, who are still hesitant to entertain the idea that all of these could be deliberate. Would you rather believe that even when men have already sent a delegation to the moon, and yet still can’t […]

A Battle is Raging Within Mainstream Medicine: 22,000 Nurses Refuse Mandatory Vaccinations

Although the medical workers’ reaction to the mass genocide is painstakingly slow, they are reacting in such a way that should wake up a lot of people.

Feds Knew Michigan City’s Water Supply Was Poisoned A Year Ago and Did Nothing

The Environmental Protection Agency has now admitted that they knew about the ongoing health disaster in Michigan as early as February last year, and claimed they were dragged into a useless debate with another local agency for at least 6 months about whether there’s a need for water supply repairs.

Holistic Doctors Researching Autism Detected Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines, Assassinated

The trillion dollar medical industry is not about to give way to more humane healthcare treatments yet. A number of holistic doctors, one of whom was doing extensive research about the root causes of autism, were found murdered in Florida and other states.

When you catch a cold, here’s how to strike it out.. quickly!

You were working all day and when you arrived home, you began to notice, something’s not right. Your throat feels scratchy, head a bit dizzy, and just when you are about to figure it out, you have begun sneezing. You just catch a cold.

Michigan Gov. Snyder Must Be Removed for Flint City Lead Poisoning

We have established governments purposely to protect our lives and our interests. If that singular purpose is not served well, it is only fitting that we either replace the personalities occupying those public offices, or dissolve it in its entirety. Demanding a malfunctioning government entity to reform itself is simply stupid.

Processed Foods Destroy Immune System, Scientists Confirmed

Processed foods, the main staple in most grocery stores and fast-food outlets global wide, are found to be destructive to your immune system. Well, what can we expect?

The Real Causes and Cure for Diabetic Patients

“Most people associate diabetes with excessive sugar intake or unhealthy living and think having diabetes means constantly taking shots of insulin. In fact, many don’t realize there are actually a variety of diabetes that affect people in different ways.

A $2.61 /lb. of Sodium Bicarbonate Will Outperform A $100,000 Chemo Treatment

Mainstream medicine has departed from sanity long time ago. There’s simply no money in it once a patient gets well. There are far better alternative to poison based medical practice and the procedure is easier to replicate, even non-doctors can do it.