Year: 2016

Large Oil Leak in North Dakota Confirms Water Protectors’ Fears

The creek froze solid shortly after the spill, preventing the oil from reaching the Little Missouri and downstream locations, according to company reports. Bill Suess, program manager for the North Dakota Department of Health’s (Oil) Spill Response Team, claimed that the leak has not contaminated drinking water sources. Cleanup efforts are underway, which AP reports are expected to be completed in spring […]

Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists to Point Blame At Fat

A newly discovered cache of internal documents reveals that the sugar industry downplayed the risks of sugar in the 1960s.

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children 2016 Study Pulled From Publication

The just-ended presidential election cycle in the USA has something very much in common with vaccine ‘science’, or so it seems: Both produce results that are questioned, contentious and even manipulated with varying degrees of culpability.

Nuclear Waste Turned into 5,000 years of Battery Life

5,000 years of battery life: Nuclear waste-formed radioactive diamonds provide long-lasting energy Scientists have discovered a way to convert nuclear waste into radioactive black diamond batteries which last more than 5,000 years.

Spread of Multi-resistant Bacteria Spells Doom | WHO

Multi-resistant bacteria have become one of the most serious threats to modern healthcare, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated. All modern, advanced medical care has been based on antibiotics, but now even this drastic medicine has become increasingly unusable.

What Happens When there’s Easy Access to Resources? | The Shenzhen Experience

There is an ongoing debate on the merits of capitalism and socialism. It has been strongly argued that Socialism breeds dependency and unproductive citizenry.

We Don’t Need GMO Food, Here are the Scientific Reasons Why…

GMO food marketers have flooded our established institutions with false claims and justification for the “developing world to go GMO,” or die, due to “climate change.”

Hallelujah, Humble Weed Wins in 4 US States!

The just concluded US presidential election is said to be the most stressful electoral exercise in the history of American politics. It was also the most divisive campaign owing from the fact that the Americans now have two major sources of information, i.e. corporate mainstream media and Wikileaks.

How Doctors Are Harnessing the Power of Gold to Fight Cancer

Can the precious metal hold the key to killing cancerous cells? In the second century A.D., during the Han dynasty, a Chinese author and alchemist known as Wei Boyang is believed to have written: “Gold is the most valuable thing in all the world because it is immortal and never gets rotten. Alchemists eat it, […]

Weather Weapons are Real, They Have a Treaty to Regulate Them

There is still a sizable portion of our society who cannot grasp the reality of weather altering devices and technologies which have made us all unsure about which weather is real, and which ones are not.