Month: November 2015

Post-AntiBiotic Era is Here: Bacteria that are Resistant to All Antibiotics Discovered

The history of medicine is like a roller-coaster ride. First, they used herbs. Then they discovered electrotherapy. Having fully appreciated the full potential of electrotherapy in eliminating ailments at its root cause, they resorted to chemical drugs of the medieval period due to its low production cost and its effectiveness in masking the symptoms that […]

Big Pharma Scientists Successfully Grow SARS 2.0 Virus “to Protect Us”

More than a decade after its outbreak, the name “SARS” still incites memories of worldwide panic over a disease that, we thought at the time, couldn’t be stopped. Now, 13 years later, scientists have created a hybrid version of a virus that could be the world’s next pandemic, a “SARS 2.0.”

Dr. Herndon Sustains Coal Fly Ash-Chemtrail Findings, Condemns Censorship

The high-profiled mainstream scientist who decided that it is time to let the people know the whole truth about those abstract paintings we see from time to time in our skies for the last few decades, i.e. chemtrails,  is now protesting the unceremonious retraction by the publisher editors of his groundbreaking research paper.