Month: September 2015

Mining Company Accused of Chile Earthquake, Admits Massive Cyanide Spill in Argentina

For the last few weeks, we have been dealing with global healthcare issues and we will continue to do so because, not only that we have dealt with domestic healthcare issues early on, these global health problems are interconnected and are perpetrated only by one highly organized criminal group that can easily be defeated when […]

Something very bad is happening in New Zealand

The government of New Zealand claims to have a forward thinking bureaucracy yet it is involved in a deliberate and wanton destruction of all animal species that are  endemic to the country, and by cross contamination all lifeforms in the affected area.

Chemtrail: A Social & Geo-Engineering in One, Gov’t Funded, UN Sanctioned

Deliberately blanketing the skies with nanosized heavy metals achieves at least two complementary goals, i.e. weather manipulation and make people brain dead. Weather manipulation itself has two main objectives: To simulate “climate change” that will be used to institute “sustainable development” agenda on a global scale previously branded as Agenda 21, now updated to Agenda […]

Big Pharma’s Shameful Secret & Government’s Genocidal Culpability

We started this blog when we could not contain our anger and frustration against the whole medical system anymore. How is it that those who have the required education, claimed to have fully embraced the Hippocratic Oath, observed professional code of ethics, are themselves deliberately killing patients by the thousands with the very knowledge and […]