Month: June 2015

Save On Fuel & Engine Costs » Convert Cars, Gensets to Run on LPG, NG or HHO

This is something we can all try at home. It’s easier than you think and safer than pouring and stocking on gasoline. Engines will run cleaner and air pollution is reduced. So, just ignore the energy and engine production sectors’ fear mongering and start tinkering.

Why Most People Do Not Have to Pay Their Medical Bills

Here’s a very good tip on how you can avoid paying your excessive medical bills after the fact.

The Black Art of Medical Prescription

Due to the increasing enthusiasm on medical activism both online and in the streets worldwide, more and more doctors are now trying to come clean as far as medical malpractice and the black art of medical prescription are concern.

Canada’s Supreme Court Rules Medical Marijuana Legal in All Forms

This is an interesting gamble for the corporate government of Canada. While they are allowing the medical use of cannabis and sacrifice some of Big Pharma’s profit, they are also getting in return “high and happy” and, therefore, more manageable citizenry later on.

50 US Hospitals Overcharge Uninsured by 1000% – Study

Fifty US hospitals charged uninsured patients an average of ten times more than they should have to provide medical care in 2012, a new study found. This equates to a patient who’s treatment should have cost $100, having to shell out $1,000.