Month: March 2015

New Drugs Curing Hepatitis C May Cost $1,000 per Day

According to reports a new pricey medication to cure hepatitis C, on which Medicare spent $4.5 billion, may cost US patients who are prescribed the drug over $1,000 a day, that cost being transferred to taxpayers.

Superbugs Go Airborne, Triggering Fears of Global Epidemic

Antibiotic-resistant genes, that evolved in the crowded atmosphere of Texas commercial cattle ranches, have gone airborne and are now capable of “travelling for long distances.”

Sound Waves Can Put Out Fire

Fire alarms ring loud enough to awake us from our sleep when fires occur. What if instead of that annoying ear piercing sound, another frequency is used and not as loud so that fire is put out at its earliest stage possible?

Lobbyist Says Roundup Safe, But Won’t Put His Poison Where His Mouth Is

This is a very good precedent. We can follow this idea for all doctors who want to prescribe us  with toxic medicines. A controversial former environmentalist who claimed on French TV that Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller was safe to drink was offered some in a glass by a journalist during the interview – and refused to […]

1966 NASA Document Reveals Goal of Engineered “Climate Modification”

The technology behind weather modification is easy to understand and implement. Almost every nation on the planet could do it.

Fork Over Knives: Less Meat, More Plants for Healthier People & Planet

On the landing page of this website we dissected the causes and cure for all our diseases, and one of those causes is energy depletion due to inadequacy of the modern diet to provide enough energy and the lack of regular physical  exercise, that would impair our body’s inherent capability to repel any infections.

The Healing Power of Your Hands

Did you know that your hands hold an innate healing power that have been used for centuries? Mudras are positions of the hands that are said to influence the energy of your physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Make your own vitamin C at home

So you may not know that almost all of the vitamin C supplement manufacturers are making their vitamin C from genetically engineered corn. What! You exclaim. How am I supposed to get enough vitamin C into my family if I don’t buy store bought supplements? Answer: You make your own! What you are about to […]

World’s First Hydrogen Powered Tram Developed in China

The technology to use water as fuel is as old as the steam engine in conjunction with the discovery of electricity itself. But it’s sad when people seem to just laugh about it. If they only realize that with the same volume, water has far more energy than gasoline and all other conventional fuels combine… […]

Top Six Factors Predicting Heart Attack Risk

The heart is one of the most privileged organ as it is the only one that doesn’t or rarely experience cancer at all. This is because it is always flooded with freshly oxygenated blood from its friend, i.e. lungs. But even then, the heart is vulnerable to other stresses which could lead to a very […]