Month: January 2015

Every 16 Days About 72% of Human Body is Renewed

About 72% of the human body is H2O (liquid water). Every ~16 days nearly 100% of the water is exchanged in a healthy body. Heavy elements like carbon, sodium and potassium take occupancy far longer perhaps 8 months – 11 months.  For example the calcium and phosphorus in bones are replaced in a dynamic crystal […]

Amazing Benefits of Drinking Water on Empty Stomach

Water is something that can cure all your problems. Did you know that if you drink water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, you can actually get rid of several diseases? Most diseases originate in the stomach. And when you drink water on an empty stomach, you will take a massive step […]

This One Plant Can Kill Cancer Cells & Treat Diabetes

Bitter melon is a fruit that grows abundantly in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Traditionally it has been used to treat diabetes and other more mild diseases or illnesses.

10 Simple DIY Household Non-Toxic Cleaners

You don’t have to spend a fortune to use non-toxic cleaners in your home.  With just a few simple ingredients, you can easily make cheap and earth-friendly household cleaners that really work!  Here’s 10 Simple DIY Household Cleaners that I use in my home.

5 Secrets About White Flour That will Shock You

The standard American diet is a diet of chronic disease and death. Our food supply has been killing us slowly.  White flour has been killing you!

Researchers Discover How to Regenerate Entire Immune System in 72 Hours

The immune system is something that is highly misunderstood not just by everyday people but also by the many conventional doctors who we depend on for health advice.

How To Heal Your Eyesight Naturally

Working in front of the computer for hours everyday could have its toll on the eyes eventually. Most of the time, we are tempted to take the easiest solution, i.e. wear eyeglasses. But like most instant solutions, eyeglasses may further aggravate the whole situation and in some extreme occasions, the eyes may never recover.

Honey & Ginger Kill Superbugs Better Than Pharma Meds

Bacteria have morphed into resistant superbugs, and pharmaceutical companies are practically helpless. But, a group of researchers from the Ethiopia’s College of Medicine proved that you do not need Big Pharma as an ally in the fight against diseases that, ironically, it created.

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more reason why new research proving this common spice can prevent fluoride damage is so promising!

30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

To quote Maria Robinson, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” This couldn’t be any closer to the truth in my opinion. However, before a transformation can begin, you have to stop yourself from doing the things that have been holding you back […]