Year: 2015

Gilead Sciences selling Sovaldi at $1,000 a pill in US and $4.29 in India

Oh, the nuances of the “free market” economy… and the convoluted principles of economics. One of the fundamental rules of free market economy is the law of supply and demand. If there is a high demand for a product then the price of that product rises as the supply is depleted, artificially or otherwise. The […]

Every Vaccine Produces Harm | Dr. Andrew Moulden

It was Dr. John Rengen Virapen who said that “the pharmaceutical industry do nothing but annihilate the population” of this world, a gross violation of the most basic tenet of all medical practice, i.e. first, do no harm. Yet, even the CDC website admits that among the common ingredients in all vaccines are: aluminum, mercury, […]

US Federal Ban on Medical Marijuana Silently Lifted

One of the bills secretly tucked into the 1,603-page $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill is the federal government’s lifting of the decades old ban on medical marijuana. This should pave the way for the removal of marijuana restrictions in other countries, too.

The Wolves in Pharma Street and the True Cost of Prescription Drugs

Five days ago, Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical CEO was arrested on securities fraud charges. He is labeled in the mainstream media as the “Wolf of Pharma Street” when he acquired rights to an old drug and raising its price to as much as 5000%! But, is he the only drug peddler that must be arrested?

The Top 10 Healthcare Issues for 2016 Don’t Include Curative Protocols

The advances in science and technology for the last 100 years could have brought us to the age of individual freedoms, e.g. freedom from want, freedom from all forms of healthcare problems and freedom from fear itself.

Farmers Celebrate as Dutch Court Ruled Against Royal Dutch Shell Over Oil Spills in Nigeria

Back in 2012, a group of Nigerian farmers filed a lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell over repeated, devastating oil spills in Niger Delta right in the latter’s home turf in the Netherlands.

Environmental Pollution Can Be Eliminated by Tuning Radio Transmitters to the Right Frequency

There are existing technologies that can clean the air from all types of pollution which do not need a summit of worthless political leaders that are just aiming for more rules by legislation to further their globalist agenda.

Tired Attending Memorize and Obey School? Try The Make School.

Conventional school system lags behind the advancing industry, shifting norms and its services are too costly for the average household. In US alone, the total student loan burden has reached $1.2 trillion and rising, covering 40 million Americans.

Big Pharma Off-Shore Mergers Eliminate Competition, Raise Drug Prices, Evade Taxes

Poison makers nowadays are struggling hard to keep profits high by employing all sorts of maneuvers under the sun which may include mergers with off-shore drug companies to enjoy cheaper taxes rates and of course eliminate global competition in the process. Win-win solution? You bet it is… just for the scoundrels, of course.

Russia Aims to Become the Largest Non-GMO Food Exporter Post 2020

In order to pressure Russia to kowtow with Western interests, the United States and EU countries under US thumb imposed on the former all sorts of sanctions about 3 years ago, from diplomatic to economic, to which some geopolitical analysts regarded as sheer stupidity, or more like “shooting on the foot.”