Month: November 2014

Does your Bottled Water Contain Nicotine?

First, they deliberately contaminate the municipal water supply. Then, they create and sell products that tend to provide solution, bottled water. Interestingly, bottled water is more expensive than soda drinks, and it can be addictive, too. It doesn’t really quench your thirst. Here’s why…

Fast Food: A Fast Break to Expensive Healthcare

I had the privilege of having access to the backend of the most trusted fastfood chain in my country, and I have witnessed several times that their practices do not conform to the image they project on their TV commercials. This fastfood chain is the favorite of the families of those who have the privilege […]

Building A Cozy Cabin Under $4,000

Living off-grid means taking more responsibilities for yourself rather than relying on the middlemen who just want to exploit your need for them. Living off-grid means avoiding oneself from being trapped into the sucking vortex of debt, the very thing that robs you of your freedom. Building a house through a full color mortgage brochure […]

Worm Farming: Turning Garbage into Gold

Most of the conventional ways we were being taught have one common characteristic: myopic, nearsighted ideas that don’t take into account the underlying mechanism of how things actually work. In cultivating a food farm, we were being taught to feed the plants directly rather than work on the soil first. The use of manmade chemical fertilizers […]

Plant Medicine: Useful for Remote Areas

Due to its obvious advantages, eClinik advocates the use of electric current in decisively dealing with all parasitic infections. However, not everyone may be able to do it for reasons like no access to electronic parts supply especially those who are living in remote areas of the country. In such case, plant medicine may be […]

Wisdom Teeth Dental Scam; Heal Cavities The Natural Way

Here are some good articles for the often neglected choppers… Wisdom Teeth Dental Scam & Why You Need Your Wisdom Teeth The truth is, I am writing this article about the importance of wisdom teeth while all of mine have been extracted. They have been gone for years. I am pretty sure many of yours […]

Youngest Medical Cannabis Patient Is Curing Her Cancer

Paediatric cannabis therapy is saving children. Awareness is the most important thing at this moment. This young lady is finishing up her last bit of required chemotherapy (because she is a child,  her parents had no choice) treatment, so take a moment to send her your love and healing vibes, and then read away. You […]

Marijuana’s Long Term Effects Revealed

Marijuana has many documented physical benefits on the user and thousands of industrial uses that could eliminate the wanton pillaging of our natural resources. Yet, it’s made illegal for personal use. While liquor and nicotine delivery systems are not. These proves that everything the whole system considers legal are not really for our benefit, but […]

This Man Built A Hobbit House In Just 4 Months

Building a house is more than just a dream for most of us. It is the crowning jewel for all the hard work and it should look and feel the way we wanted it to be. The more elaborate designs do cost a lot from their conception, building and up to the point that the […]

Why does our body’s pH matters?

Parasites prefer acidic environment. They replicate faster when our pH falls below 7.41 for the blood. In fact, all cancer patients are grossly acidic and the continued use of chemotherapy may not be in their best interest. Empirically, there’s a reason why we vomit when we have too much liquor the night before, especially with […]