Month: June 2013

20 Signs Big Pharma is Running a $280B Scam

20 Signs the Pharmaceutical Companies are Running a 280 Billion Dollar Money Making Scam If you could get 70 percent of Americans addicted to your drugs and rake in $280 billion a year in the process, would you do it?  If you could come up with a “pill for every problem” and charge Americans twice […]

Chemical, used by Monsanto, found in urine of Europeans – study

Residents of 18 European states have been tested positively to traces of glyphosate, a globally used weed killer, the study says. It remains unclear how the chemical used on Monsanto GMO corps got in people’s bodies. It turns out that 44 per cent of volunteers had it in their urine, but it is yet unclear […]

Monsanto Gives Up Europe

The company that’s been playing God with all of us is giving up its influence in Europe. Monsanto epitomizes all that is evil in the world of Corporatocracy we are all in. We should be aware that this company is everywhere. It’s almost surreal, but it’s true. Monsanto has officially give up its fight to […]